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United Kingdom
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Test Method - Determination of Glaze Level (Codex Based)


  • Water container
  • Calibrated Temperature Probe
  • 8 Gauge sieve
  • Calibrated weight scale


  1. Place 200gm of glazed product in a container of fresh potable water at a temperature of 27c (the amount of water must be equal to 8 times the declared weight of product).
  2. The product must be left to stand in the water for 30 seconds and may be separated by hand if necessary.
  3. The de-glazed product is then removed from the water, whilst still frozen, and placed in a standard 8-gauge sieve placed at an angle of approximately 20.
  4. Leave the product to drain in the sieve for 2 minutes.
  5. Transfer the product from the sieve into the pre-tare scale. Make a note of the product weight (X) after the glazed has been removed.
  6. Establish the glaze level using the formula below.


  • (200 grams X = Y)
  • Y/2 = glaze %


Libra will use the above test method unless an alternative is specified by the customer.