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Libra Seafood Processing Ltd
Viking Business Park
Rolling Mill Road
Tyne & Wear
United Kingdom
NE32 3DP
telephone icon :+44 (0)191 4833 555
Fax: +44 (0)191 4833 222

Glaze and Pack

  1. Unload palletised cargo and store, prior to and after processing, in our Cold Store free of charge for a total of 2 weeks (thereafter our standard Cold Storage charges apply).
  2. Draw samples of the cargo, perform Quality Control checks for count, weight, freshness etc, and advise customer of results (see appendix for sample QC report).
  3. Obtain microbiological report prior to production if required (at additional cost).
  4. Unpack product prior to processing.
  5. Add ice glaze according to customers specification within a +/- 3% tolerance.
  6. Machine pack using form fill machine for counts 13/15 and smaller (Hand packing at additional cost).
  7. Pack off into labelled master carton in accordance with customers instructions.
  8. Perform finished product and packaging QC checks.
  9. Obtain Health Certificates/Microbiological tests if required by customers (at additional charge).
  10. Palletise and load out finished cargo.
  11. Issue job analysis detailing results of the production.
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